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Added: 2019-03-23 | Duration: 0:59 | Tags: couple ass panties
Descriptions: A couple of friends clutch their bellies as they need to duck into the restroom. They play a hasty "rock, scissors, paper" to choose who goes first. Both of them end up winning as they squat ass to ass and, after a moment of pee shyness, spray out twin streams that splash the white porcelain. They grab tissues to blot their wet relieved pussies and go on their merry way.rnrnTwo longhaired lasses find a vacant stall to relieve the piss pressure. The first locks the stall door behind her but relents to let her anxious friend in to share a minute over the pee trough. Knee to knee they take adjacent corners and aim their drizzling pussies (that soon turn to strong sprayers). Pee streams cross and swirl down the toilet before they politely blot and pull their panties back up.