Tuki's An All Right Flapper

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Added: 2014-07-09 | Duration: 2:12 | Tags: girl spy seems
Descriptions: In the office, the men have a pool going; seems there has been loud moaning "cumming" from the girl's restroom. Trying to figure out which gal has been on company time "working her front door," spy cameras have been set up. Hell, these men have some serious cash laid out for "the snatch." It's up to VoyeurJapanTV.com to get to the bottom of her. Tuki takes a few minutes for herself, and her lady bits. Going all in, she works her fingers first through her panties, then "skin to in." She tries to keep quiet, but as a knock at the door throws off her game; she soon goes back in, for "another swing." Gasping and cumming multiple times, this "flapper" knows just how to tap into her "energy." Hope she's got enough in the tank to do some work today.