Splashing In A Sack

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Added: 2014-12-01 | Duration: 2:12 | Tags: girl video pretty
Descriptions: On the road with friends, there is no stopping this girl from taking a piss. Squirm as she might, her "bag" of tricks is about to include an ability to "flow on the go." Splashing aside, she's got some pretty good aim for this PissJapanTV.com video. Done, she ties up the sack, wipes, and laughs about her "new skill." Girl two is trying the "up on your knees" approach, but still has to pee. She jokes about using the bag, fortuitously. Within a few minutes, she spreads out a pad, opens the bag and releases like a waterfall. Done with the "fill 'er up" sack, she deposits it by a stream; just going with the flow.