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Added: 2021-02-03 | Duration: 0:59 | Tags: sexy tight girl
Descriptions: A Japanese city girl in argyle sweater dress and black lace panties takes off her undies and sits in the tub. Inspecting the furry curves of her pussy mound, she decides to use a green foaming razor on the silky brown pubes. Twisting and showing every sexy angle of her crotch and booty crack, she carefully shaves away every hair till her slit is open and glistening.rnrnRunning a wet finger into the crack she makes sure she's smooth from pubes to ass. Her dark little nipples pull up tight with excitement. She turns away so we see the full beauty of her asshole and smooth pussy, then perches with feet up on the rim of the tub. A fountain of pee sprays and gurgles out and streams down toward the bathtub drain.