Minami 2

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Added: 2013-08-29 | Duration: 1:20 | Tags: tight girl one
Descriptions: Our Sexjapantv.com blossom, Minami, is back with her partner. Today, he has her in a kinky little leather strap, and nothing else. Working from top to bottom, the boy is insatiably attracted to her large areolas, protruding from two metal rings. As he tweaks and fondles, her nipples respond nicely. This girl's "abundants" are so sensitive; each touch has Minami moaning. The two suck face before she has him suck nipples. Lying back, the boy then spreads Minami's legs and begins to play with her other set of lips. Fingering, he draws out of her, the sweet sounds of wetness. After stimulating his partner, he has Minami suck on his dick. Sliding in her tight, wet pussy, she welcomes him and the two ungulate as one. As her boobs shake to the rhythm, the boy grabs both of her arms to facilitate even more "good vibrations." Leveraging himself on her hips and tits, the boy quickens, and is reciprocated with even more excited squeals. Sitting her up on his dick, she orgasms; several other positions and climaxes occur before the boy lays her on her back. Availing himself to her opening and rocking tits, the boy pounds a bit more until he releases all over her wanting, open mouth. He then feeds her all that he has splattered about her cheeks, and is rewarded with Minami sucking his flaccid head. Get your membership & instant access here!