Her Self-Serve Honey Pot

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Added: 2014-07-23 | Duration: 2:22 | Tags: girl film one
Descriptions: There is nothing better than an open window, and a girl enjoying herself. In this VoyeurJapanTV.com film, we caught a honey "dipping into her pot." She may be in "green," be she is no stranger to her own fun-box. As she lies on the couch, her top falls open to reveal a "one up, one down" look. Excited, she undoes her panties and goes all in from the start. A natural "orator," she moans and screams from beginning to end. After her first orgasm, she catches her breath before going back, multiple times; guess she's on the "buffet" plan. Zooming in on her now two hard nipples, this sweetie is having quite a time, as are we. Cumming over and over, she then pulls out her fingers, plays with the sticky mess, and gobbles it down. Drooling from the sweetness, she puts her "two favorites" back in. With her skin glistening from the fun, she rests, taking a "lunch break," before having another self-serve treat. Worn out, she recovers, as do we.