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Added: 2019-06-12 | Duration: 0:41 | Tags: upskirt butt panties
Descriptions: A chic co-ed steps into a private little room thinking she's all alone, but our voyeur camera is there to catch every sweaty moment. Her hand darts down under her pleated blue uniform skirt to touch her buzzing clit, she's immediately in a private world of her desire.rnrnShe sinks to the floor and hikes up the skirt. She squeezes her sensitive boobies as she rubs the little wet spot on her panties where her pussy is already getting hot and juicy. She can't deal with clothes right now and drops her undies, unsnaps her skirt to lie on the floor bare-assed. Now her fuzzy little snatch takes center stage and she rubs little circles around her magic button. Her fingers brush into the moist pink slit as she moans with excitement.rnrnOur camera is only a few feet from her masturbating hand; we're so close we can almost taste the moist poon against her sticky fingers. She flexes and pumps her hips up into the fingers as they rub quicker and harder. Her catlike moans and quick panting breaths show she's on her way to getting off.rnrnNow her butt is tensed up and lifted up off the floor. Her stockinged feet drag across the floor as she rises up in thundering orgasm. After a moment of complete release and satisfaction, she dizzily draws back on her clothes, getting ready to step out to face the world.