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Added: 2019-02-14 | Duration: 1:01 | Tags: upskirt waiting girl
Descriptions: Two young coeds comb the streets looking for a public toilet, and when they finally duck into one, it has only one long trough to relieve nature's call. The short haired lass removes her skirt and asks her friend to wait, but there is no waiting when your bladder is screaming to be streaming. The second climbs in front and rests her butt on her friend's knees. Together they spray out two strong streams of piss then pull panties and shorts on to get back into public.rnrnA pair of antsy office girls hang their purses on the door and jockey for position over the toilet trough. And just barely in time from the look of things. Their urine streams are like a classical fountain that sprays out strong jets of water. Their piss forms a deep little yellow puddle in the bowl before it flushes down and they go about their business.