1, 2, 3, Come See Me Pee

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Added: 2014-06-25 | Duration: 2:27 | Tags: girl film place
Descriptions: Some business women are off to work, but need to cop a squat and "water the flowers." Our PissJapanTV.com videographer follows and films what comes out. Most times he's pretty careful, but alas, looks like this one spots him as she "puddles" along. She tries to hide her face, but we're more interested in what she has left behind. The next gal is off to class, but can't make it there without stopping to squat; don't worry, we got it all on film, before is soaked in. Looking for a quiet place to "leave her mark," this one's heading in the right direction, with us hot on her "trail." As she ducks behind a car, and sprays the concrete, we get it all for you. And for our final girl, her "boots were made for walking," let's just hope they're waterproof. She bends down in the parking lot to "unload." Nice to see someone air dry, rather than leave a tissue "behind."